Our Story

Three extraordinary properties hand-chosen to become ideal spaces for personal growth and interpersonal connection, out in the desert, where the sky knows no limits, and everything feels possible.

Hi, I’m Hillary Murphy

A few years ago, my husband and a couple of our friends and I bought a property out in the desert as an investment - an Airbnb we could rent out to large groups. But in the back of my mind, I had a larger vision. A vision to create spaces perfect for the types of experiences that have transformed my own life — retreats.

I’ve always loved retreats. I’ve made friends, I’ve made breakthroughs, and I have grown so much as a person because of the ideas and the people I encountered. So when we began developing properties as rentals in the Joshua Tree area, I knew we had a unique opportunity to bring people together in a powerful way.

My vision was to do more than offer a place for someone else to host their retreat. I wanted to offer a true partnership, and a service that would allow each facilitator to feel grounded and supported as they hold space for others, and share their wisdom and gifts.


I heard from so many facilitators that they wanted to do retreats, but they couldn’t be fully present with their guests while also handling all of the logistics - booking, guest needs, food, and, of course, troubleshooting! They’re two separate jobs, and you can’t do both at the same time equally well. 

With my experience in project management, coordinating, spreadsheet-wrangling, entrepreneurship and problem-solving, it’s not just easy - it’s a pleasure - to handle all of the details that make a retreat feel relaxing and easeful. 

I love being able to use my organizational gifts to support your work.


As an interior designer of 20+ years, and a retreat-participant for even longer, I designed each property with the specific intention to entertain retreat groups, providing a space that fosters connection, community, engagement and fun. There are places to sit and find peace, spaces to commune with each other, spaces to move, and places to relax - deeply. 

Most importantly, there are places to gather.

The retreats we’ve hosted have included:

  • Dance
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Reflection
  • Journaling & writing
  • Women’s empowerment
  • Personal development
  • And building bridges between women of different ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds

The Abundance Retreat Mission

I am most passionate about serving women, because women in particular rarely take the time to step away from the million things they juggle every day to reconnect with themselves, get clear on who they are, what they want and the changes they want to make.

When we give women the space and the chance to do that, along with forging friendships, finding new interests, and expanding their knowledge, we create a positive ripple effect that spreads to their families and communities.

I hope that these retreats will be the start of something wonderful.


The Scholarship Retreat Program

A portion of the profits from every retreat booked goes into the Abundance Retreat Scholarship Fund to pay for 100% scholarship-based retreats for women who wouldn’t otherwise have access. We host two scholarship-based retreats per year, partnering with facilitators who donate their time and expertise, just as we donate the space, hosting and logistics support.

I know the power retreats can have to transform lives, and I also know that they are financially out of reach for a lot of people. Expanding access to opportunities to personal growth is my #1 value.

If you are interested in hosting a retreat or partnering on a retreat, 

let’s connect.


When we partner together to host a retreat, I don’t just think of the logistics, I think of all the details that speak to every sense, so when you and your guests arrive,

You will walk through the door into a space

That is beautiful, warm, vibrant with thoughtful touches

I’ll have music playing, candles lit, fresh flowers and subtle, natural desert scents,

And you’ll be greeted with cold beverages and a warm welcome.