Boutique retreats in the California high desert

Abundance Retreats welcomes you to the California desert, where the sky is bright with stars, the saguaro stretches its arms to the sun, and the energy is unlike anywhere else.

Radiant Returning

A 4-Day Dance, Yoga & Sound Meditation Retreat 

with Kristen Huffman 

Joshua Tree, CA

October 14th- 17th 2021

About Abundance

We have carefully selected a handful of properties around Joshua Tree National Park to turn into ideal retreat spaces, curated with intention by a professional interior designer who loves retreats.

Let us take care of the details, like...

  • Marketing materials and media tools to help you promote your retreat
  • A custom booking platform so guests can sign up and commit with a deposit
  • Guest communication & billing
  • Personally welcoming you and your group to introduce you to the space
  • Lodging, food and guest needs for the entirety of the stay

So you can be fully present for your guests and do what you do best, hold space and intention while you facilitate.

It’s everything you need to make your retreat a success, so you can just show up with your people and not have to worry about a thing.

Radiant Returning

A 4 day 3 night Retreat in Joshua Tree with Kristen Huffman October 14-17

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Boutique retreats in the California desert

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Learn About The Abundance Story + Our Founder

Our Larger Mission

We are a small, family-owned boutique retreat company with a mission to make extraordinary retreat experiences accessible to everyone. Retreats create a truly special time and space where we are able to expand our understanding of ourselves and others. The world needs more of that.

Part of every retreat purchase goes to support 2 annual scholarship-based retreats for women who would not otherwise be able to attend. 

How can we recognize ABUNDANCE in our lives?

What does the word abundance really mean? 

It's usually thought of as having more, being successful, or plentiful finances.

Abundance in it's truest form is a fullness of the heart.  We look for that fullness in many ways,  but when we come back to ourselves, when we take the time and begin a practice, we find that softening those parts of us create all sorts of new expansion.

Honoring Yourself

Honoring Yourself

We encourage you to honor yourself with time + resources, whatever that looks like for you.  A retreat is a great place to start carving out intentional time to care for yourself.



Finding support in community is an amazing experience. Building friendships, and expanding our openness to learning from others can create support and connection. These bonds are ones you'll carry with you.



Reconnecting with certain parts of yourself you may have forgotten can be life-changing. Setting aside intentional time for the inner work can create amazing  growth.


Taking the time for ourselves is essential

Sometimes we need to...

be still, 

be free, 

be challenged, 

be vulnerable, 

be exhilarated, 

be moved, 

be grounded,

be together.